YouTube’s great example of content reuse

I found a brilliant and surprising example of content reuse when I wanted to upload the latest Content Content podcast to YouTube.
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Content Content podcast episode 4 – Curse of knowledge with Tom Johnson


In this episode, a truly great and fun conversation with prolific and influential technical writer Tom Johnson. Tom joins us from Silicon Valley to talk about his interesting path to technical communication, failed Career Day booths, being a leader in techcomm, content management systems, DITA, static site generators, and much more.

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Content Content Podcast – Fire fingers featuring Danielle Villegas – episode 3


Fellow New Jerseyan Danielle Villegas, the TechCommGeekMom, talks to us about transitioning into technical communication, social media, her blog at, content curation, going back to school, and managing it all (or not).

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Content Content Podcast – Time as a Tool – featuring Alan Houser – episode 2


Alan Houser, technical communication consultant and former Society for Technical Communication President, drops by on a very cold President’s Day holiday to talk about his experiences in STC leadership, web standard steering committees, structured authoring and DITA, Markdown, tools, podcasts, and more.

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Introducing the Content Content podcast – Offices without tarantulas featuring Sharon Burton – episode 1


In our inaugural podcast, technical communication and customer experience consultant Sharon Burton tells us about California law, offices without tarantulas, documenting the obvious, the file name field, buying buckets of DITA at the DITA Store, and the renaissance of content.

Mentioned during the show:

“It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.” – Dolly Parton

University of California Riverside

TechComm Speakers Bureau

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