Single source of the truth featuring Bernard Aschwanden – Content Content podcast episode 10

Bernard Aschwanden, President of Publishing Smarter, STC Immediate Past President, and Ed’s twin talks about certification, why your content is not your own, building a house (literally), process vs process, finding his spouse through STC, social networking, and more.

Ed Marsh and Bernard Aschwanden at STC Philadelphia Metro Conduit 2016

Ed Marsh and guest Bernard Aschwanden meet at STC Philadelphia Metro Conduit conference, 2016

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Presentation evolution: TCCamp East in Virginia

I’m very excited to present a workshop on jumpstarting your career at the new East Coast TC Camp next weekend, July 30th, at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. My talk focuses on what social media and podcasting can do for you and your career. Some great folks are going to be attending – and hopefully presenting – as well.

Un… conference?

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Can a deli have a user experience problem?

A delicatessen near my office makes great sandwiches. However, the process they have in place to order a sandwich is at best a tedious process, and at worst baffling to customers. Is this a bad real-world user experience? Continue reading

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Complimentary sandwich featuring Todd DeLuca – Content Content episode 9

Todd DeLuca, a Pennsylvanian who manages a remote tech writing team, shares with us how volunteering and presenting has elevated his career, what it’s like to manage a technical communication team, volunteering with intention, and how to promote yourself and your team within your company.

Todd DeLuca

Todd DeLuca

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Content Content podcast episode 8 – fairly random events featuring Sarah O’Keefe

Content strategy business owner Sarah O’Keefe talks about working with a CMS, content metrics, tekom, packing for flights, and her aversion to the nightshade family.

Sarah O'Keefe, Content Strategist and owner of Scriptorium

Sarah O’Keefe, Content Strategist and owner of Scriptorium

Mentioned during this episode:
Sarah’s Twitter
Content Strategy 101
Lavacon conference
North Carolina Research Triangle
Net promoter score
Learning DITA
Content Content podcast episode 7 Curious about content featuring David Dylan Thomas/
Sturm und DITA-Drang at tekom
Ravelry knitting community
Head Fi headphone community
Ed is presenting at STC Philly Metro’s Conduit conference Saturday, April 2
Ed on Twitter

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