I can eat glass with Keith Schengili-Roberts – Content Content podcast episode 22

Keith Schengili-Roberts, market researcher and DITA Evangelist for IXIASOFT, and Ed Marsh discuss the old days of HTML, Archie, Veronica, fax software, and more. We also talk about what the hell a DITA evangelist does.


Mentioned during this episode:

I can eat glass test


The Advanced HTML Companion

The Computer Paper

ATI graphics cards


DITA listening sessions

Keith’s SlideShare

DITA worst practices

Captain Mondo



The beginnings of DITA part 1

The beginnings of DITA part 2


OASIS DITA adoption committee

C’est what Toronto

Keith’s Wikimedia Commons contributions

The Curse of the Labrador Duck

Keith on Twitter

Ed on the Scriptorium podcast

Ed’s Data-driven content webinar

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