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Single source of the truth featuring Bernard Aschwanden – Content Content podcast episode 10

Bernard Aschwanden, President of Publishing Smarter, STC Immediate Past President, and Ed’s twin talks about certification, why your content is not your own, building a house (literally), process vs process, finding his spouse through STC, social networking, and more.

Ed Marsh and Bernard Aschwanden at STC Philadelphia Metro Conduit 2016
Ed Marsh and guest Bernard Aschwanden meet at STC Philadelphia Metro Conduit conference, 2016

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Presentation evolution: TCCamp East in Virginia

I’m very excited to present a workshop on jumpstarting your career at the new East Coast TC Camp next weekend, July 30th, at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. My talk focuses on what social media and podcasting can do for you and your career. Some great folks are going to be attending – and hopefully presenting – as well.

Un… conference?

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Complimentary sandwich featuring Todd DeLuca – Content Content episode 9

Todd DeLuca, a Pennsylvanian who manages a remote tech writing team, shares with us how volunteering and presenting has elevated his career, what it’s like to manage a technical communication team, volunteering with intention, and how to promote yourself and your team within your company.

Todd DeLuca
Todd DeLuca

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Upcoming conferences and podcasts

It’s been a hectic and busy September, but my updated business cards came in time for me to attend two conferences this month.

I’m excited to be able to attend the Content Camp Philadelphia this weekend on Sept. 19. Philly is a great beer town, so let’s get a beer afterwards!

I’ll also be at Information Development World in San Jose from Sept. 30-Oct. 2. Somehow I managed to win admission by tweeting. Big thanks to Danielle Villegas of Dair Communications for the opportunity!

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to record a new Content Content podcast this month. But, I’m especially excited to meet a lot of people at these conferences, especially outside of my usual TechComm comfort zone. I’m hoping to line up some guests for future podcasts. For now, you can listen to the latest podcast with Marcia Riefer Johnston, which has been popular not only in the technical communication realm, but also the world of content marketing.

If you’re attending either of these conferences, please say hi!

Deconstructing a Twitter Post

When I meet Facebook friends in real life (yes, that actually happens…), they almost always tell me they can’t understand my status updates. That’s typically because my status updates are almost always my Twitter updates. I have Facebook set to read my twitter feed, and update my status to reflect it. This is primarily a result of work blocking Facebook, but also because it was annoying to have to update things in two places. Twitter’s also as easy as sending a text message from my dumbphone.
As I retweeted the following message, it struck me as a perfect opportunity to educate the masses.
she deserves it! //RT @scoop42: Simona de Silvestro a 4-x winner in Atlantic Championship will test HVM #IndyCar on the 8th &9th in Sebring.
Like everything else, there are a million possible ways to do this. This is one way, that I see in the majority of posts. Let’s deconstruct it:

  • she deserves it! – this is my reply to the original post, or tweet.
  • // – a divider between my thoughts and the original tweet.
  • RT- retweet. It announces that I am resending, or echoing what someone previously tweeted. This is changing with the new Twitter retweeting thing, which i really don’t like on Tweetdeck.
  • @scoop42 – The original poster. User scoop42 is a reporter for ESPN. He wrote that Simona de Silvestro has an Indycar test in Sebring, Florida for the HVM team on December 8th and 9th.

As an aside, she totally deserves the test. I saw her drive twice in Atlantics at NJ and Lime Rock, and the girl has talent. I hope she does well.

So there you have it, a tweet post in a nutshell. Now, time to make dinner… but that’s another post.