So there’s this huge, two-day concert at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ called The Bamboozle. You can tell you’re getting old when there’s a list of 100 bands for a show and you know maybe seven of them.

The concert is literally in Secaucus’ backyard. Secaucus, of course, is where I direct the marching band.

A former student, who is also an alumni assistant, emailed me a month or so ago, indicating that his cousin is one of the organizers and wants a marching band to help open the show.


After lots of emails, a conference call, numerous emails to the Board of Education office, and a bit of stress, we are approved to perform tomorrow morning! The band is supposed to be part of the “Photo Finish Pep Rally” and “Parade of Nothing” and be there when the opening band performs.

Everyone gets free tickets to both days of the show, and to tonight’s “secret show”, in addition to a donation to the Band Parents  Association. Not bad for an hour’s worth of performing, and a couple hours of rehearsal. They want to make this an annual thing, so it’ll be nice to use that as a recruiting incentive.

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