Blogging Ain’t Easy

I keep telling myself to blog. It was a New Year’s resolution of mine to write more (and we all know how those turn out…). However, I find it hard to come up with something daily. I’ve a new appreciation for those who can turn their mundane, daily tasks into something worth reading. I do post a bit more often using twitter, which I included on the site. Over there. See it?

I will try to post more, I will tell myself that more often. For now, here’s a few things on my mind:

I close on my first-ever condo tomorrow. Holy crap!

In our move, I’m getting rid of (aka freecycling) the stereo system I’ve had since high school. An Onkyo receiver that never had a remote control; it wasn’t an option. A JVC cassette deck, a CD player, and two Laser speakers which I think were custom-made (thanks for that gift, Dad; looks like you got your money’s worth!) To date these components, and myself, I received them for Xmas one year; my first two CDs were U2’s “The Joshua Tree” and Genesis “Invisible Touch”. I still have both the CDs. Sadly, though, I think the sound on my new HDTV sounds better at this point.

Scott McClellan, WTF. Now you come up with a tell-all? I can only assume it’s because it takes a long time to write a book.

Warm weather kicks ass, if only for the increase of women’s flesh displayed.

I’m brewing an IPA this weekend.

More whenever!

3 thoughts on “Blogging Ain’t Easy”

  1. IMO, blogging, like writing a diary, is a worthy effort and guaranteed to improve ones writing, if it’s continued.
    My biggest problem the many times I tried to do it, wasn’t finding topics to write about but rather trimming them down to manageable size. It was so easy to wing off into some topic that inevitably lead to ideas to explore that were interesting and fun but thin ice.

  2. I think my problem is that I really don’t want to write about tech writing all the time, but then my blog lacks focus. I have so many interests that it makes it hard to choose just one. Add to that when I come home at the end of the day, I don’t feel like writing at all. I have several posts I started and never finished. Seems like when I do get an idea, i can bang it out quickly and move on, but that’s few and far between. Oh well.

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