Obligatory George Carlin post.

What i liked about Carlin was that he used words as humor. The infamous “7 dirty words” bit was only the tip of the iceberg. his intelligence carried through to his comedy, and he wasn’t afraid to use and exploit big words. this is why i admired George Carlin. I’d say I hope he rests in peace, but he wasn’t very religious, so i will just say thank you and I hope he passed painlessly.

2 thoughts on “Obligatory George Carlin post.”

  1. Do you follow other comics?
    There’s one in particular I enjoy, Marc Maron. His stuff isn’t necessarily funny all the time but interested and he’s mostly quite forthright which IMO is the mojo of comics. During the Lena Dunham episode, they get into some typical stuff. LD starts at 12:30, if you’re down.

  2. Another friend of mine receently mentioned Maron, Paul; I’d not heard of him before that. Turns out he also has a TV show. I’ll have to check him out.

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