Mid-year Music Report Card

So far, I’ve purchased seven albums this year, mostly from Amazon’s unrestricted MP3 download store. Here’s my rating of each:

ColdplayViva La VidaB-/C+ – This one took awhile to get into. Nothing really amazing here, but it’s growing on me. On par with X&Y, though I may like that one better.

Counting CrowsSaturday Nights and Sunday Mornings A – The Crows are back! What a fun, great album from them. After a few disappointing but likeable releases, this was a treat to buy.

Death Cab for CutieNarrow StairsA – Great album from a band I only recently discovered. Awesome summer music.

FilterAnthems for the DamnedD – I’m a fairly large Filter fan, but Richard Patrick phoned this one in. The Amalgamut was a good album; this one sounds pretty much like every other Filter song created. Nothing new or exciting.

John MayerWhere the Light Is: Live in Los AngelesA – When I first downloaded this, I was disappointed because the first few tracks are solo acoustic, and as a drummer, i hate solo acoustic. Then the tracks with his amazing Trio came on, and it was well worth the price of admission. This album would be an A+ if not for the solo stuff.

Nine Inch NailsThe SlipC-. I’ve never been a huge NIN fan, and haven’t really paid attention since pretty hate machine.
When I heard Trent was giving away this album, I had to give it a try.

And was underwhelmed.

At times it sounds like he just bought a copy of ProTools and was giving things a try in his bedroom. Other times it sounds just like stuff I heard in 1988. There are a few songs here worth listening to, but if you’re a NIN fan, it’s probaby just like something you’ve already heard.

Panic at the DiscoPretty. Odd.A – What I knew about Panic before this album was that my marching band kids loved them, and they were considered Emo. That was enough to keep me away. But when a band alumnus recommended it, I gave the sample tracks a listen, and bought it right then and there. A wonderful homage to The Beatles, and should be listened to very loudly, with all of the windows down in your car.

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