Yet Another Google Chrome Review

Quick summary: Meh.

In general: Yeah, it’s quick. That’s what you get when you have a no-frills browser. If you’re using Firefox, one of the first things you most likely did was load it up with plug-ins, adding functionality that IE or Opera don’t have. If you’re still using IE, then you are like most people who don’t install anything that’s not already on your computer, because you’re afraid of breaking your computer. You have no idea what an ‘alternative browser’ is, nor do you care. You just want your computer to work. (and this is, of course, why Linux will never take over the desktop).

Personally, I find Chrome a reference browser, best for Web developers. You can test your pages using the individual processes, and kill it when you find a bug. Then again, if you’re a Web developer, you’re already using all of these browsers to test, along with the excellent Firebug plug-in, or Web Developer toolbar.

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