I don’t wanna be like that!

So we went to a Halloween party this past Saturday night. We were misled into thinking that the host rented a hall, instead of merely frequenting it, with its in-wall taps of Bud and Coors Light and walking proximity to the host’s home. So, our evening was shared with The Older Folks Who Frequent These Types of Organizations. However, some good friends were there, some who had moved back into the area, and even though it’s Bud, it still gives you a buzz.

There was another couple our age there, the Wife with whom I went to high school. However, she being the Cheerleader and me being in the Band, our paths never crossed, and I didn’t even know she went to my high school reunion just two weeks ago.

In her attempt at small talk, she opened with “So how are you, Ed?” and then went into a huge diatribe about Her Kids. Her 10 and 11 year old kids, the older of whom is a Nerd because he gets straight A’s and then they go and do this and this and this and isn’t that funny, Ed? And of course, Husband is right there chiming in with his version of the stories, and recalling different details than Wife is. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Great fucking times. Chalk another up in my list of reasons I’m not having kids.

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