Re-thinking my Google+ Strategy

Obligatory Google Plus logoSo, when exactly did it become mandatory for everyone on the intarwebz internet to have a “social media strategy”? Thanks to the good folks at Google, we now have a chance to “reset” our strategy with Google+, the #ohjesusnotanotherone of social media. We have the Twitter, we have the Facebook, we have the Foursquare, we have LinkedIn and if you’re hip, Tumblr and Oovoo (which still makes me think of olive oil, and unfortunately, Rachael Ray) and Quora.

But now that I’m one of 10 20 x million fortunate early adopters, I get to “reset”. At first I thought OK, I already live a lot of my life in public, I’ll just extend that to Google+ and let everyone in.

And then I reconsidered.

Do I really need to make Google+ the same firehose of people’s lives coming at me? Soon enough, people will tell me what freakin’ Zynga game they’re playing, and asking for someone to pull their goddamn weeds (isn’t this a form of entitlement? it’s farming socialism!), or to shuck harvest their melons, or join this crew or, for God’s sake, just enough already. We all know that as much as we love that rascally group from the class of 19-X-ty X, we’ve seen enough photos of their damn kids, and we didn’t really know them all that well other than that one party at Mike’s house.

And in return, do all of those people really need to know even more about me? Do I really need to let the tech writers I’ve met solely on Twitter know that I’m having a beer at my favorite bar? Do the people that I used to teach in marching band really care about links to the techie things I tweet? When is enough, enough?

So, what’s your Plus strategy?

One thought on “Re-thinking my Google+ Strategy”

  1. My Plus strategy is extremely well thought-out and plotted. It’s called Denial. I’m waiting for everyone else to figure it out. In the meantime, I have plenty of everyone’s every thought, whereabout, musical choice and upcoming meal options on Twitter and Facebook.

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