135 Different Beers in a Year, 135 Different Beers…

My beer bottle-shooting DIY "studio"
My beer bottle-shooting DIY “studio”

I’ve made a bad habit of documenting most, if not all, of the beer I’ve drank over my lifetime (see writer, technical). It started with a Microsoft Access database that went nowhere, even after paying someone to input tons of bottle information. After a house move where I angered friends who helped move 27 cases of empty bottles, and moving in with someone who had zero interest in keeping them around, I started photographing the bottles and getting rid of them. I believe there’s somewhere between 650-850 beers cataloged, but not in one meaningful way — yet.

For now, here’s the new ones I’ve had from May of 2011 until July of 2012. Where possible, breweries are grouped, but there’s no real organization.

While I haven’t done any analysis, I do have one conclusive point of data: I like beer.
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