Content Content Podcast – Fire fingers featuring Danielle Villegas – episode 3

Fellow New Jerseyan Danielle Villegas, the TechCommGeekMom, talks to us about transitioning into technical communication, social media, her blog at, content curation, going back to school, and managing it all (or not).

Mentioned during the show:

techcommgeekmom on Twitter

Danielle on Scoop.It

New Jersey Institute of Technology

NJIT – Professional and Technical Communications program

2015 Mid-Atlantic Technical Communication Conference – March 28, 2015 – sponsored by the STC Philly Metro Chapter

CONDUIT debate featuring STC Vice Presidential candidates

STC PMC Podcast with Adriane Hunt

Lavacon conference

Intelligent Content conference

#techcomm on Twitter

#contentstrategy on Twitter

Chef Josette

WordPress Jetpack

Moodle LMS

Rutgers Online Digital Marketing “Mini-MBA”

Google Analytics

Google Trends

Adobe Audition for podcasters YouTube playlist

Deconstructing a Twitter Post

Ed Marsh on Twitter

3 thoughts on “Content Content Podcast – Fire fingers featuring Danielle Villegas – episode 3”

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