Upcoming conferences and podcasts

It’s been a hectic and busy September, but my updated business cards came in time for me to attend two conferences this month.

I’m excited to be able to attend the Content Camp Philadelphia this weekend on Sept. 19. Philly is a great beer town, so let’s get a beer afterwards!

I’ll also be at Information Development World in San Jose from Sept. 30-Oct. 2. Somehow I managed to win admission by tweeting. Big thanks to Danielle Villegas of Dair Communications for the opportunity!

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to record a new Content Content podcast this month. But, I’m especially excited to meet a lot of people at these conferences, especially outside of my usual TechComm comfort zone. I’m hoping to line up some guests for future podcasts. For now, you can listen to the latest podcast with Marcia Riefer Johnston, which has been popular not only in the technical communication realm, but also the world of content marketing.

If you’re attending either of these conferences, please say hi!

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