Holding somebody else’s place with Sean Heckman – Content Content podcast

Sean Heckman was a racer, a figure skater, a TV writer and producer, almost a lawyer, and finally owner of The Media Barons and a podcast mogul. Learn what it’s like to drive across the USA for 30+ days interviewing racing legends, while running a content creation business that caters to small businesses.Sean Heckman, owner of The Media Barons, and co-host of the Dinner with Racers podcast, on the Content Content podcast

Find out why Sean calls a “sport with science, technology, and a lot of nonsense” his home.

I’ve never met Sean, and he was as curious about me as I was about him. Sean says he’s not a journalist, but he is. He gets people to talk, listens to their stories, and responds to them. He also has an immensely dry sense of humor. I literally had to stop dozens of times while editing this podcast to stop laughing. Give this a listen.

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2 thoughts on “Holding somebody else’s place with Sean Heckman – Content Content podcast”

  1. I really enjoyed the interview! It was great getting a lot more insight into what Sean does and some of his interests outside of racing. Great job!

  2. Alan, I can’t ask for a better response than that. Thanks so much for listening! I’m really proud of this episode, glad it came through. Cheers!

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