About Ed Marsh

Ed Marsh, technical writer and content strategist
Ed Marsh, technical writer and content guy. Photo courtesy Arclight Images

Ed Marsh has always been curious about technology. As a kid, he was the one who pushed buttons to see what happened. This led to some scolding and an award-winning career as a technical writer.

He is experienced in, and passionate about, information architecture and content strategy. As a technical writer, he has created online help, multimedia, podcasts, eLearning modules, cheat sheets, technical illustrations, printed manuals, and PDF documentation. He generally dislikes writing in the third person.

Ed worked in New York City for both large and small software companies for most of his career, transitioning to a technical writing and eLearning consultant for a major financial firm in Jersey City, NJ, in 2011, and hired as an Associate in 2014. Working in this environment taught Ed the importance of breaking down silos, managing risk, and governance.

Ed has presented at local meetups as well as conferences.

In 2015, Ed created the Content Content podcast, a monthly podcast interviewing technical communicators, content strategists, and other content professionals.

Ed has always believed in giving back. He is the volunteer newsletter editor for the Society for Technical Communication (STC) NY Metro Chapter, which won an Apex Award in 2013. Ed is currently leading the effort to migrate the chapter’s web site to WordPress.

Ed Marsh is a Drupal Association member
Ed Marsh is a Drupal Association member

Ed likes getting his hands dirty in HTML and CSS. He modified the WordPress theme on this site, and is a Drupal CMS enthusiast. The content-related news aggregation site he created, contentcontent.info, is built on it. He is also one of the founding members of the former Drupal – Northern NJ user group, and a supporter of the Drupal Association.

He has designed web sites, books, logos, t-shirts, flyers, menus, and playbills, among other things.

Who is Ed Marsh?

Ed Marsh is proud to be born and raised in New Jersey, US, and often wonders why people make fun of his state. He uses the Oxford comma, and never uses two spaces after a period. His favorite punctuation are the semicolon and ellipsis.

He is a beer snob, homebrewer, foodie, and IndyCar racing fan.

Ed formerly was percussion instructor, then director of the Secaucus High School Marching Band and co-founder of the Cacophony Percussion Ensemble. During his tenure as director, the band represented the state of NJ in the National July 4th Parade in Washington, DC. In 2006, School Band and Orchestra magazine named him one of “50 Directors Who Make a Difference”.

Technical Writer, Content Strategist, Podcaster, and beer lover