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Obligatory George Carlin post.

What i liked about Carlin was that he used words as humor. The infamous “7 dirty words” bit was only the tip of the iceberg. his intelligence carried through to his comedy, and he wasn’t afraid to use and exploit big words. this is why i admired George Carlin. I’d say I hope he rests in peace, but he wasn’t very religious, so i will just say thank you and I hope he passed painlessly.

poT fehC

i am not really one for reality shows. Or at least that’s what i used to think in the genre’s infancy. I still don’t watch American Idol, So you think you can [insert verb here], or, for chrissake, Shear Genius, the show about… haircutters?! But I find myself intrigued by men fishing for crab in Alaska.

However, cooking “reality” is my weakness. I faithfully watched Next Food Network Star (how’s that working out for you, gay winners from season 1?), Hell’s Kitchen (with less fervor this year than in seasons past), and the granddaddy, Top Chef. HK this season really suffers, and I’m not sure if it’s because the “chefs” are just the suck this year (holy crap, that Matt guy looked like he was going to cry in every episode), or if they changed the show enough to just focus on Gordon Ramsay yelling about stupid shit. Top Chef is my favorite, probably because the “cheftestants” can actually cook. I was completely sucked in this year. It didn’t help that the eventual winner, Stephanie, is a little freakin’ hottie. Unfortunately, she’s not yet approved my Facebook friend request.

Today (and tomorrow’s) lunch

it’s farking cold here in NYC. we’re supposed to get snow tomorrow; today it’s just… cold. it’s days like these where you don’t want to travel too far to get lunch. while the past few days’ lunch consisted of an excellent roast beef, made with a recipe from your friends at Cook’s Illustrated, with garlic mashed potatoes, i needed something different.

the “farmer’s market” still runs on tuesdays and thursdays. well, one of the apple vendors, and two bakeries still make a presence in the cold outside . long story short, one of the bakers had a ‘pizzette’ – essentially a little pizza with various toppings. for three bucks, i bought a particularly awesome-looking one covered with blue cheese and caramelized onions.

to supplement, i finally splurged for The Soup Man. previously, i walked over there to find their selection isn’t as varied as Hale and Hearty, and is quite a bit pricier. however, their New England Clam Chowder (my favorite!) was vibrant and delicious, with nice color added from red bell pepper and carrot. and for your $9.70 (tax included), you get a piece of bread and a banana!

overall, a hearty and delicious meal for a damn cold day.