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Upcoming 2021 presentations and podcasts

Just a few updates about where you can find me presenting this year, so I can say I posted a blog in 2021:

  • On Thursday, March 4 I’ll be presenting a webinar for the STC Rochester chapter at 7pm ET. It’s called Timeless TechComm Tips, and is based on a keynote presentation I did last year (I really did that?!) for the STC Interchange regional conference. A year later I’m still happy with it, so please check it out.
  • I’m also presenting at my first STC Summit in June! I’m proud to talk about Podcasting for fun and/or profit, which is great entering my sixth year of the Content Content podcast.

Speaking of the podcast, my next guest is Patrick Bosek from EasyDITA. I’m also scheduled to talk with my friend David Caruso this year.

Thanks so much for listening and encouraging me to keep doing what I do. If there’s anyone you’d love to hear on the podcast, please let me know!

And since we’re talking about podcasts, there’s two new ones you should check out:

  • JustSayIT is a shortform podcast from Beth Haggerty. What makes it unique from other techcomm-related podcasts is that she delivers it in a stand-up comedy style, so it’s extra fun.
  • Patrick Bosek has also created a techcomm-related pod (please, stop with “pod”) called Content Components. You can be sure we’ll talk about it when we record.

Presentation evolution: TCCamp East in Virginia

I’m very excited to present a workshop on jumpstarting your career at the new East Coast TC Camp next weekend, July 30th, at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. My talk focuses on what social media and podcasting can do for you and your career. Some great folks are going to be attending – and hopefully presenting – as well.

Un… conference?

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My social media presentation for STC’s NY Metro chapter

I gave my first-ever talk at the STC NY Metro chapter on Thursday, Nov. 12, about the benefits of social media for technical communicators. The audience was enthusiastic and engaged, and I think everyone learned something and had a good time (including me!).

We covered popular social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as the benefits of having your own blog and/or web site. The Content Content podcast was also a topic of discussion and more than a few questions.

I’d love to get some feedback, or answer any questions, in the comments! I’d also be happy to present it again at other chapters.

Upcoming conferences and podcasts

It’s been a hectic and busy September, but my updated business cards came in time for me to attend two conferences this month.

I’m excited to be able to attend the Content Camp Philadelphia this weekend on Sept. 19. Philly is a great beer town, so let’s get a beer afterwards!

I’ll also be at Information Development World in San Jose from Sept. 30-Oct. 2. Somehow I managed to win admission by tweeting. Big thanks to Danielle Villegas of Dair Communications for the opportunity!

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to record a new Content Content podcast this month. But, I’m especially excited to meet a lot of people at these conferences, especially outside of my usual TechComm comfort zone. I’m hoping to line up some guests for future podcasts. For now, you can listen to the latest podcast with Marcia Riefer Johnston, which has been popular not only in the technical communication realm, but also the world of content marketing.

If you’re attending either of these conferences, please say hi!

Creating a Drupal sandbox with VirtualBox and Drupal Quickstart (Presentation)

I’m a fan enthusiast of Drupal. I’ve been part of the community for four years now, and the amazingly supportive community is what keeps me engaged, as I wrote after attending the Drupal NYCCamp earlier in 2013.

As I started a new personal project that I hope to launch soon, I wanted to use it as a learning experience not only for myself, but for the Drupal community. Though I’m active in the Northern New Jersey Drupal User Group, I’ve been largely a consumer of the group’s knowledge (other than sharing my knowledge of beer). I wanted to give back, especially as this year our host, the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, is moving a lot of their tech infrastructure to Drupal and their computer science students are showing an interest.

When I decided to create the site, instead of creating it on a web server with all of the typical installation and configuration issues (and expense), I started with a free, open-source software called VirtualBox, and the Drupal Quickstart project, both of which I could run locally on my Windows PC. From this, I created a short presentation that I shared with the NNJ Group.

What is Drupal?

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