Sink and swim situation with Ann Rockley – Content Content podcast

In this episode “Mother of Content Strategy” Ann Rockley discusses a 30+ year consulting career, pivoting to a new business, and more.

Ann Rockley

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Society for Technical Communication (STC)

The Rockley Group

Kolbe assessment

Resilient Team Advantage

A really fancy webform with Patrick Bosek – Content Content podcast

In this episode, Heretto CEO Patrick Bosek explains why pure techcomm is going away, why being a CEO is like being an eight year old with a lemonade stand, and more.

Patrick Bosek of Heretto
Patrick Bosek of Heretto

Note: This episode was recorded before Patrick’s company changed its name to Heretto.

Mentioned during this episode:

DITA Open Toolkit


Scriptorium podcast





Content and Coffee podcast

Content Components podcast

Clarity over consistency with MJ Babic – Content Content podcast

“The best term to use to call what I was doing was UX writing” says UX Writer MJ Babic on this episode of the Content Content podcast. MJ’s had a diverse career, from marketing, feature articles, science journals, and some tech writing. But her plan is “helping people complete their tasks with digital products”, and to “bring good writing to whatever corner I’m working in at the moment”.

Mentioned during this episode:

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Not acting like slow computers with Rahel Bailie – Content Content podcast

We return from a hiatus with content strategist Rahel Bailie! She joins Ed Marsh to talk about an uneven history of content strategy, object-oriented content, how her career has led her across two continents, and the history of women in technical communication.

Her Content Strategy book with Noz Urbina remains one of Ed’s most highlighted (highlit?) reads. We discuss Content Operations (ContentOps or DocOps), introducing efficiency, and more. I hope you laugh as much as we did.

Mentioned during this episode:

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Upcoming 2021 presentations and podcasts

Just a few updates about where you can find me presenting this year, so I can say I posted a blog in 2021:

  • On Thursday, March 4 I’ll be presenting a webinar for the STC Rochester chapter at 7pm ET. It’s called Timeless TechComm Tips, and is based on a keynote presentation I did last year (I really did that?!) for the STC Interchange regional conference. A year later I’m still happy with it, so please check it out.
  • I’m also presenting at my first STC Summit in June! I’m proud to talk about Podcasting for fun and/or profit, which is great entering my sixth year of the Content Content podcast.

Speaking of the podcast, my next guest is Patrick Bosek from EasyDITA. I’m also scheduled to talk with my friend David Caruso this year.

Thanks so much for listening and encouraging me to keep doing what I do. If there’s anyone you’d love to hear on the podcast, please let me know!

And since we’re talking about podcasts, there’s two new ones you should check out:

  • JustSayIT is a shortform podcast from Beth Haggerty. What makes it unique from other techcomm-related podcasts is that she delivers it in a stand-up comedy style, so it’s extra fun.
  • Patrick Bosek has also created a techcomm-related pod (please, stop with “pod”) called Content Components. You can be sure we’ll talk about it when we record.

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