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The Airing of the Grievances

Yea, it is time that we put up the Festivus Pole, engage in feats of strength, and air the year’s grievances. So we call upon Our Lord Frank Costanza, and shout Serenity Now! Here are my grievances for 2008:

  1. To unhelpful RSS feeds that don’t display the content of a post. A headline only is generally not enough information to make me want to click through to your site.
  2. To Adobe, for charging ridiculous upgrade fees. $499 to upgrade, when I just spent that much less than 18 months ago, on products that are mature and stable?
  3. To the GOP, for ignoring our environmental issues, screwing up government oversight, our worldwide status, the Iraq War, and everything else over the past eight years.
  4. To my current employer, for not giving us off the day after Thanksgiving and Xmas. This year both holidays fall on a Thursday, so wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a long weekend? Nope, if you have vacation days left, you have to take them. if you don’t, guess where you’ll be? Here in the office, which leads me to…
  5. The building managment company, as well as my current employer, for turning the heat down enough on weekends that Mondays are freezing. I bought cashmere socks just for Monday mornings. If you walk around the office, you’ll see people wearing hats, scarves, and jackets. Winter jackets.
  6. To Kevin Kalkhoven and Gerry Forsythe, co-owners of the now defunct Champ Car World Series, which merged with the Indy Racing League (IRL) earlier this year. When I say merged, I mean sold the fuck up the river a few weeks before the season was due to start. This is a topic very dear to me, as I followed Indy/Champ Car since I was a wee high schooler, and the Meadowlands Grand Prix came to town in the mid-to-late-80s. I could take up six months’ worth of posts on this topic, so i’ll leave it at that.
  7. To Tony George, who fucked it all up to start with.

There are certainly more, but these are the ones that are nagging at me. Check back in case there are more grievances!

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McCain’s running mate

Palin? Really? He chooses a first-term governor from… Alaska? After all the controversy about how Obama doesn’t have enough experience, and especially after the alleged corruption in politics in that state, culminating in Sen. Ted Stevens’ indictment? Hell, the corruption in Alaska makes my home state of NJ seem like angels are in the statehouse.

EDit: also, i think she looks like Tina Fey.

Rude Punditry

I read this guy daily from my Pocket PC RSS reader. he’s actually off this week, but has some guest bloggers from New Orleans. Remember NO? and Katrina? Most people probably don’t; i know it’s not really been on my radar other than yeah, shit’s still not getting done.

well, it’s not, and it seems like it’s worse than I thought. People are still living this nightmare, and our own country has left them alone to figure it all out.

I highly recommend reading the series from start to finish.