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Neighborhood Discoveries

Condo de Fast One is close to an Orthodox/Hasidic Jewish enclave in northern New Jersey. On (late) Sunday morning, S. and I decided to take a walk for some bagels.

We first walked to a Jewish bakery I’d seen, which smelled fantastic and warrants a future return, but yielded no bagels. Thankfully, there was a kosher bagel shop on the walk home. S. felt a bit sacreligious with her naked, sleeveless arms, and I even felt like I was out of place. However, they had whole wheat everything bagels, so we will definitely be back, despite the $1.00 per bagel price.

We also needed eggs, so we walked into a local “supermarket”. Turns out it is primarily a Spanish market, complete with Spanish-only signs in the meat department. What a treat! I picked up fresh ingredients for sofrito, including ajicito dulces peppers and tomatilloes. I wouldn’t know about sofrito if it wasn’t for Daisy; it’s a sauce easily made in the food processor, and leftovers freeze really well into individual ice cube trays. It was great mixed with some pinto beans to make refried beans to place into tortillas. We also grabbed queso fresco from the meat/deli counter, since S. is fluent in Spanish.

S. also mentioned she saw an Asian market nearby, so we now have at least three cultural food experiences within a few minutes’ walk of our new home!


this is a new plugin for WordPress. Picasa rocks, and now i can link to it from here.

here’s one of my albums, for you to enjoy. or not enjoy.

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it’s amazing seeing things like WordPress, amazing how far we’ve come in just a few Web years. I started coding in, um, 1995? and i still do most of it by hand. but it’s quite refreshing to not have to worry about things, and just work on content.

or not work.


I saw this guy on the PATH train today, and was inspired to write. Comments?

He said midwest without saying a word, from his conservative, side-parted hair, to his pressed and creased khakis with white bucks shoes. He stood, dictated by chivalry. The eyes behind the wire-rimmed glasses betrayed his youthful features, as did the lack of an ipod. As the train weaved its way through the tunnel, he rested those aged eyes. The kids took their toll.

Rude Punditry

I read this guy daily from my Pocket PC RSS reader. he’s actually off this week, but has some guest bloggers from New Orleans. Remember NO? and Katrina? Most people probably don’t; i know it’s not really been on my radar other than yeah, shit’s still not getting done.

well, it’s not, and it seems like it’s worse than I thought. People are still living this nightmare, and our own country has left them alone to figure it all out.

I highly recommend reading the series from start to finish.